10 Aug 2020

Celebrating the science in everyday

Science is around us everywhere, everyday – but for one week especially, National Science Week, we are exploring all the special science moments that happen around us and learning more. 

If your child is enrolled in one of our Lifelong Learning Centres, book in your casual days for National Science Week, 17th-21st August 2020.  Not already part of our community? Find your closest centre and book a tour.



Exploring science concepts from an early age 

Science, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in general, helps provide children with experiences that foster a sense of exploration. Science inquiry and discovery is ideally suited to young learners, through the hands-on approach that is the natural way that children learn.  

STEM is about the process as much as the outcome – giving children exposure to important approaches such as inquiry, exploration, problem posing as well as solving, hypothesizing, collaboration, communication and resilience.  

Facilitating child-led exploration  

As our Lifelong Learning community is child-led, children are empowered to explore topics of their own interest – whether that be why it’s cloudy one day and sunny the next, or why colours change when they mix. Hands-on STEM projects facilitate tinkering, experimenting, testing – all these are learning in action!  

Children don’t need to be given answers straight away, they can find the answers themselves with the support of an educator. 


Supporting science at home 

You don’t need to be making volcanoes or slime to talk about science at home, it’s about incorporating scientific concepts and language when you are enjoying everyday activities. Try describing what you are noticing about different items and their properties. For example: 

  • ‘The breakfast cereal starts dry and crunchy, but when we add wet milk, the cereal turns soft’ 

  • ‘When you dropped the ball, it dropped fast. When you dropped the balloon, it dropped slow’ 

  • ‘When the colours start mixing, they start to create a new colour – what is that colour?’ 

Science is for every age 

Science and STEM can easily be incorporated into everyday experiences and routines, and there is no child too young or old to learn something new! Read about how STEM can be incorporated in learning and play for babies, toddlers and older children too! 

Every Lifelong Learning Centre incorporates science and STEM into their curriculum through the Healthy Minds program, across all ages. Find your closest Lifelong Learning Centre search online or call 1800 CHILD CARE. 

30 Oct 2020

Day for Daniel

Across Australia, we are recognising Day for Daniel as part of National Safe Work Month. Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to help raise awareness of child safety, a cause that’s close to the hearts of all our Centre Managers and educators.
25 Oct 2020

Celebrating our littlest people

Across our community of Lifelong Learning Centres, we are excited to be celebrating the littlest people in our lives – children! 
9 Oct 2020

"How was your day"?

Pick up time at the end of the day is such an exciting time – typically little faces light up when their parent or caregiver arrives. But how can families encourage meaningful conversations with their child?